About Me

I am a jellyfish❣ (Lol) No seriously, I believe I am & not the scary ones ok?! I am the friendly nice HUMAN version! Haha

My name is Laurren, I am a International Studies graduate. Born and raised in the Philippines.

I started blogging 2015 of October and I have to say it took me ages to actually have the courage to make a website of my own and publish my adventures.

I never studied photography, but it is a passion that took hold of me in the year 2014 of June when I bought my very first camera.

The name of the blog was created base on a friend who asked me if I were to relate my life to an animal, what animal would that be?  In just a blink of an eye, in a million thoughts connected to that single blink I thought of a jellyfish.

Why you ask?

Well…because the way I see my life right now is that it is wandering and exploring the earth, the same way as a jellyfish would wander around the ocean.

The universe is so big that we should not stop learning, growing and exploring. I believe that sharing life stories, knowledge and experience can inspire people which makes them want to do the same thing for others as well and wouldn’t that be a wonderful chain reaction?

So let us swim away like a jellyfish exploring life in this beautiful earth of ours!

I hope through this little blog of mine can spark a smile on your face and make you say “wow”, “no way”, ”this exist” and etc, you get the picture. (>‿◠)✌