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Considered as a pearl of the Philippines, hidden in the deep jungles of  Badian province in Cebu, lies a peaceful natural place where you can enjoy pure bliss of waterfalls, aquamarine spring water with a touch of lush tropical greenery.

Although I have to warn you as tempting as my introduction sounds, bare in mind that in reality the place is full of locals and tourist making what used to be a pure natural paradise into a money making business for tourism.

Aside from that you can still appreciate mother nature all around the area.

After the adventure in Osmeña Peak with my friends, we ventured forth towards Kawasan Falls. The hired multi-cab dropped us off in the Matutinao Church and from here you can hike towards the falls for about 20-30 minutes.

The nice thing about the hike is that after the church and all the way to the falls, there is so much nature to see.

So always be camera ready.📷

It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss.

It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss.

Hello Paula Naive 😃

Hello Paula Naive 😃

I am forever in awe of my creator.

I am forever in awe of my creator.

When we reached our destination the place was really crowded since it was a Sunday and a National Holiday (Independence Day). We rented a table to leave our stuff and then took a dip into the freshness of the cold water.

The Kawasan falls has two other small waterfalls and hidden lagoons but I decided to just stick around near the big waterfall because I was too tired to hike any further.😅 However my other friends did venture forth and say that the other falls were just as beautiful as the biggest one.

Panoramic View Of The Place

Panoramic View

Honestly speaking aside from the waterfalls, I didn’t like the atmosphere of the place. It was like a market place! The restaurants, hotel and travel guides made it even worst. They ask for money in almost everything you’re going to do! 😡 The moment you reach the area they will offer you rent for the tables, rooms, life jackets and the bamboo raft. This wouldn’t be so bad if the prices weren’t  so expensive.

The only thing I wanted to do is to leave as soon as possible.

Things to know WHEN Visiting Kawasan Falls:
  • You will encounter guides hanging around Matutinao Church. They are aggressive and will approach you, asking if you need a guide to the falls. You do not need to hire one, the trail is easy and you will not get lost.
  • Some guides are annoying and will follow you around. Just ignore them and make it clear that you are not interested at all.
  • Entrance fee is 20 pesos. You don’t have to pay for anything else. You don’t have to rent the raft that is  500php or for a table that is 300-800php. You can find a nice corner somewhere and just have a picnic on the ground.
  • The area is popular with locals and visitors, so try to avoid weekends and holidays.
  •  Swimming in Kawasan river is completely free, even under the waterfall.
  • From South Bus Terminal, take the bus that is Bato via Barili (not via Oslob). Ask a driver or a bus conductor to drop you off Kawasan Falls.
  • If you are in Oslob, then you can hire a habal-habal or hire a van/multi-cab to take you there. Here is the contact number who arranged our ride to the falls +639223608100 (sun) – AJ’s Place.

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