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There Is No Such Word As Try? There IS Only Do Or Did Not Do.

Skydiving… I cannot find the exact words to described the experience.❤ This has been a long time dream and I did not expect this to happen in my 20’s.

I was so excited when the travel agency Travel Bounty Inc. ,informed me that an option of doing skydiving was included in the itinerary.

This was the best news ever!  I phoned a few family members instantly and persuaded them to do the activity and from only three people who seriously wanted to actually do it, turned to ten fearless jumpers.

We were confidently fearless, with tandems masters strap behind our backs. 👑

The experience was incredible and out of this world, If people could fly then life would be so much fun & exciting (I guess this is our only chance to try out what flying like superman really feels like).

We booked our Skydiving activity  in Queenstown at NZONE Skydive.

It’s always best to make reservations days before your preferred date (they have a limited number of jumpers per day) and always pick the earliest time schedule because sometimes your time slot gets pushed further back and a possibility of jumping way late in the afternoon could happen.

This wasn’t scary at all! I mean…yeah fear was there but it’s like you’ve already trusted yourself with your tandem partner (certified, expert jumper) and all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

That feeling when you just don't know what to feel anymore.

That feeling when you just don’t know what to feel anymore.

FACE OF FEAR... I was the first jumper and No one told me this till I saw my Tandem partner opened the plane door and dragged me out. 😭

MY FACE OF FEAR… I was the first jumper and No one told me this till I saw my Tandem partner opened the plane door and dragged me out. 😭

To compare the level of fear between Bungy jumping and Skydiving, Bungy is way scarier (check out my write up about bungy jumping in Kawarau Bridge).  Most of us wanted to back out during Bungy and before we did the activity, we did the skydiving first, early in the morning…and to think we would have at least grown some balls by then.😂

Anyway the company offers a jump of 9,000 feet (TROPOSFEAR) with a free fall for 25 seconds, 12,000 feet (STRATOSFEAR) which is what we all did with a free fall for 45 seconds and 15, 000 feet (EXOSFEAR ) free fall for 60 seconds.

45 seconds of Free Fall

45 seconds of Free Fall

Embrace Fear.

Our tita Chikie, the lucky and brave jumper got to experience the 15,000 feet (There’s a funny story of how she actually got to jump this high😂 but I’ll save this story for some other time).

Anyway I can’t imagine how could have she felt, as she was the last one to jump off the plane and was the only one brought up higher than everyone else.

I was already beginning to regret the 12,000 feet decision as I started to see the clouds and barely seeing any land outside the window, so tita Chikie deserves the crown of bravery! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ 👑 Haha!!

The view was spectacular and beautiful. Seeing all together the sky, clouds, mountains, land and the sea from above was truly breathtaking.

I am no angel, but I did just fall from the sky. 😂

Check out the NZONE Skydive website and make sure to choose this company when you do your skydive activity in Queenstown.👍

Photos and videos are not included in the package, so you have to inform them before hand that you want to record this significant chapter of your life.

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  1. Another masterpiece my friend, not just this blog but the SKY JUMP! Hard to beat for sure!

    Thanks for the special mention. I actually owe this great feat to you! Had you not been so insistent on doing a SKY JUMP, I would never have tried it. Love you! Cheers!