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Kawarau Bridge Bungy

New Zealand

This I have to say is the scariest thing I have ever done so far! It took me more than a month to visualized myself jumping of a bridge and back then, up until I was at the tip of the jumping board, I sweated like CRAZY. 😩 I then realized no amount of time could actually prepare me for this jump. I was LEGIT INSANE!

It takes REAL GUTS to dive off a building, mountain or bridge! It’s like suicide but you’re paying for it and happily volunteering to eventually do the DAMN JUMP! (If it helps, you get a certificate and a free shirt after.) 👍

     I DID IT! Bucket List – ✔

If you plan on doing this activity and it is your first time then I suggest doing it in Queenstown the “Adventure Capital of the World”.

Look for the company AJ Hackett Bungy , the world’s first commercial public Bungy and has been operating since 1988 with additions to opening many other Bungy sites in other countries such as  Australia, France,  Germany, The United States, Mexico, Indonesia, and Macau.

Around New Zealand AJ Hackett provides different location spots for Bungy Jumping but the famous one is in Queenstown- Kawarau Bridge, that is 43meters high (141 feet), with a scenic view of rocky mountains and a touch of green trees and bushes spreading everywhere, plus the  glittering waters ready to meet you as you plunge to your victory!

Dying on the inside…😆


THE VIEW THAT YOU Couldn’t Appreciate until you Let go & conquer the fear!

Fear at its finest!

Fear at its finest!

This is the best place to create memories of your first jump! Don’t forget to take home your videos and photos. They are actually worth it despite the price. 😅

I would recommend you all to experience this crazy stunt! It is *h*t load of fun and fear has never been so vocal inside your head, but at  the end of the day you will pat yourself at the back and ready for a whole new level of fear to face in the future. 😆



I really can’t believe I did this along with my crazy cousins (runs in the family).  Most of us had tears in our eyes before jumping and everything started to not feel right as we lined up for our turn.

We literally wanted to back out but then again there is a no refund policy……The policy made us do it!😆 Haha!!

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