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Based on my experience Nagayo isn’t my top 5 of places to be when in Japan but don’t get me wrong, it’s still a beautiful city  and in fact it is so large ( Japan’s third-largest incorporated city and fourth most populous urban area ) that there is so much to do and see.  However the reason why me and my sister decided to visit here was because of the winter illumination in Nabana No Sato.

So if you plan to visit Nagoya, a day trip would probably be enough, unless you want to take your sweet time then 1 night and 2 days would be enough.


For backpackers and travelers who don’t mind lodging in small establishments, Nagoya Travelers Hostel is a great place  to stay when you are visiting. It has many restaurants outside the hostel, it has a nearby Starbucks, convenience stores and a 10minute walk to the nearest subway.

Front Desk

Front Desk

Living Room & Kitchen

Living Room & Kitchen

The walls all over have so many cute drawings.

The walls all over have so many cute drawings.

The place is safe and clean. The staff can speak English and are very nice, the hostel provides unlimited toast bread🍞 and coffee ☕ every breakfast.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

First stop me and my sister went to the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, which I didn’t expect to enjoy but I did! I love aquatic animals, I find them very interesting and in here they do present a lot of fascinating creatures despite having a not so large area to shelter many animals.

Adults and Kids will love it here! There is so much going on inside like dolphin, whales, orcas and penguin shows or activities where you see and learn about living and extinct creatures in the deep.

Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale

My favorite part here was just sitting and looking at a huge water tank, filled with various fishes and other creatures living around the waters of japan. The scene was just calming and you can see children enjoying the view with so much excitement as they call their moms and dads to see what they have seen (really cute).😃

Roti Island Snake Necked Turtle (Top) ,Pig Nose Turtle (Below).

Roti Island Snake Necked Turtle (Top) ,Pig Nose Turtle (Below).

Staying here for half a day would probably do. This way you can see 2-3 shows and carefully examine each and every water creature you see in the tanks😂, plus they have a 3D movie theater that shows amazing animal shows.


Closed on Mondays (the following day if a holiday).

Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Tickets for single entry:

Adults & High School Students – 2,000 yen

Elementary Students- 1,000 yen

Child age 4 or older – 500 yen


The next day me and my sister went to Nagshima Spaland (Nagashima Resort) just outside of Nagoya. This place is a major vacation destination because the place is composed of an amusement park, water park, flower park (Nabana No Sato), hot spring complex and an outlet shopping mall.

The amusement park is the main attraction of the resort and it is known to be the best for roller coasters in western Japan. There are wild crazy rides built for adrenaline junkies ,  some normal rides as well for those who just wants a little fun and cute rides for children.

I suggest you line up for the Steel Dragon 2000 which spans the entire length of the park, White cyclone the third longest wooden roller coaster in the world and shoot the chute a single boat ride that drops and gets you really wet! 💦



Tsunami!!! - shoot the chute

Tsunami!!! – shoot the chute

Next we have the Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream. This place is really huge and it’s impossible to leave the mall without buying anything (based on my experience).

For those family members who don’t like amusement parks, this mall will give you plenty time to be busy while the adrenaline junkie members of your family are screaming out there.

The outlet is located right beside the amusement park.


Time :10am- 8pm ( Mondays- Sundays)

Address: 368 Urayasu, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana City, Mie

Access: 50 minutes by the fastest bus from Nagoya Station, Approx. 20 minutes by bus from Kuwana Station.

Around 7:30pm, me and my sister headed towards Nabana No Sato to witness one of the best Winter Illuminations all over japan (click me to know more about it)


On our last day before heading back to Tokyo we stopped by at Nagoya Castle  (was the center of one of the most important castle towns in Japan during edo period)  and shopped for some omiyage (Namikoshiken Wagashi) for our friends and dorm mates.

Animal Themed Wagashi Sweets by Namikoshiken

Animal Themed Wagashi Sweets by Namikoshiken

Famous wagashi sweets in Nagoya

Famous wagashi sweets in Nagoya