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Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 in Jelly Eats
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For all the HelloKitty fans out there, Odaiba has your favorite Sanrio character cafe!

After a long day of shopping or even just for brunch, stop by at Café de Miki located in Diver City Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Odaiba. The cafe specialises in Hello Kitty themed pancakes, lattes and other sweet treats such as cakes and parfaits.

The menu features only sweet dishes which I would recommend you to come during snack time where you can enjoy as much sweets as possible and not get cranky when you are not full with what you just ate. 😜

I ordered Chocolate banana pancakes! Made up of plain ordinary pancakes with sliced banana, almonds, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice-cream, and a touch of whipped cream.

I can say it was good! I mean its nothing special but banana pancakes is the flavor I always choose when it comes to pancakes (my favorite)! 👌

This fluffy cream, strawberry ribbon pancakes which my friend carol ordered were delicious! Aside from just looking so adorable, it was perfectly sweet enough! The small  pancakes were covered in sweetened whipped cream, with a Hello Kitty bow design on top, and mixed berries in syrup on the side.

We also tried the my Melody strawberry milk cream soda. I probably wouldn’t order it again since I don’t like the taste of milk and soda being mixed but if you want to try something  new, then get this one. 😬

I would also like to recommend families who are visiting Tokyo and have little girls with them to come and dine here. They will surely enjoy the HelloKitty theme. Everything in here is so cute!!

Koto-ku, Tokyo Qinghai 1-1-10 Diversity Tokyo Plaza 2F
(2th floor of Diver City shopping centre in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay)
The nearest train station is Tokyo Teleport Station.