Balloon Ride In Bagan🎈

Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 in Jelly Goes Sightseeing
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Despite its economic problems, Myanmar a beautiful and serene kind of country is a place to visit and wander if you love traveling and exploring different kinds of culture around the world.

One of the most memorable and unforgettable experienced I ever had was the hot air balloon ride I tried in Bagan and this is what I would want to share to all of you if ever you would want to try this out for yourself.

Balloons Over Bagan (hot air balloon company) did a good job in entertaining us and making our journey safe, fun and memorable.

Before ridding on the balloon we all gathered around 4:30am at the “departure area” where the balloons will be set up.

We had some snacks prepared by the company to make sure we wouldn’t starve in the air and played a little game of getting to know each other because we had other passengers ridding with us.

After a few minutes of setting up the balloons, away we went to the sky and met up with other balloon companies flying with us as well.

What we saw was truly amazing as the cold breeze (not when you are near that fire thing blowing the balloon) followed us through out the journey, how the morning mist greeted us and the silhouette pagodas coming to life as the sunrise slowly approaches  us.

Silhouette Pagodas

The Morning Mist…

The Sun Rise Approaching Us.

The Sunrise

So if you are interested in experiencing this majestic activity then I hope you would try Balloons Over Bagan as your air tour guide in your Myanmar adventure. ☺ And of course I would like to thank my favorite travel agency Travel Bounty Inc. for setting up this wonderful idea in the itinerary.

Do check them out for they have a lot of amazing tours every year and they might have another one in Myanmar.😃