Most Beautiful Winter Illumination In Japan🌌

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The best thing when Christmas season is approaching Japan is that they hold such astonishing and breath taking light shows called Winter Illuminations.

Different cities and prefectures have their own themed illumination going on which makes it so wonderful to visit Japan in this time of year.

January 2016 me and my sister visited Nagoya because a lot of our Japanese friends would say that the number one winter illumination is hosted here and then we saw posters/magazines saying the same thing.

In Mie prefecture (outskirts of Nagoya) a place called Nabana no Sato (なばなの里)  is a huge flower garden park but during winter there aren’t many flowers that bloom and so they decided to have the illumination show here.

This place offers about 8.5 million LED of lights illuminating the park, looking like a fairy tale wonderland and transforming a huge field into a sea of lights that turns into a light show.

They also have light tunnels which is very famous and romantic as you walk in it and an observation deck where you can see a bird’s eye view of the lights.

Tunnel Of Lights

The light tunnel is 200 meters in length and is using about 1.2 million light bulbs.

Kawazu Sakura Light Tunnel

This version of the light tunnel used to be color pink resembling the Kawazu cherry tree, which is an early blooming variety of cherry tree but I guess they decided to change the color yearly. (100 meters long and using 700,000 LED lights.)

blue version of light tunnel (color changes every year)

Observation Deck

Looks like a flying saucer👽

Looks like a flying saucer👽

The highlight for me in this enchanted night is the light show, although many would say the tunnel of lights is the best one, I beg to differ.

The theme changes yearly and the previous ones was about Mount Fuji (2013) then Niagara Falls (2014) and for 2015 I can’t figure out what the theme was. 😛

Light Show

My sister was like all over the place and it was so crowded that I lost her somewhere in the tunnel. She was extremely happy because she really wanted to see this (her bucket list).

This is really a great place to take your loves ones. Its so beautiful, unique, fun and memorable. So the next time you visit Japan, make it in between december – February to catch the lights. ❤


Address: 270 Komae, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture 511-1144
Hours: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Admission: Standard: Winter ¥2,000


From Nagoya you can take either a JR or Kintetsu train to Kuwana Station. Take a non-stop direct bus to Nabana no Sato (なばなの里) from Kuwana Station bus rotary, which is right in front of Sangi Nishi Kuwana Station.

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