Yunessun Hot Spring & Spa Resort 🍹

Posted by on Jan 23, 2016 in Jelly Goes Sightseeing
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One out of the hundred reasons why I love Japan is because of their Onsens and hot springs, it’s fun, relaxing and provides you some healing benefits depending on the mineral properties and content it gives.

I guess a trip to any city or prefecture in Japan wouldn’t be complete without soaking one’s self in an onsen and so when I went to Hakone I decided to go to Yunessun Spa Resort because I’ve heard they have unique bathing facilities such as taking a bath in wine, sake, coffee and so much more.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Hot Spring Amusement Park & Spa Resort

I don’t know if the place is crowded on weekends but I went on a weekday as soon as the resort was open, so that I can take pictures with not having many people in the photo but as soon as I arrived there were quite a number of people already in the spa.

But anyway the resort provides two kinds of spa facilities which is the Yunessun and Mori No Yu.

Yunessun is the indoor beach type of spa where you wear your swimwear and enjoy huge waterfalls, water slides and other fun attractions. Great for families who want to spend time together doing water adventures.

Mori No Yu is the traditional Japanese style spa experience where men and women are separated into different Onsens and are naked. πŸ˜† Yes this may shock you at first but just do it! It’s not as bad as you think and you will love the bathing experience surrounded by beautiful natural settings.

The God's Aegean Sea (Yunessun)

The God’s Aegean Sea (Yunessun)

So I decided to doΒ  Yunessun the indoor one because of the wine, sake, coffee and tea bath it offers and a lot of people do wonder if you can drink it and would it actually taste like wine , coffee and etc.

According to their website, they are using real wine, coffee and such but I actually did not taste it because it probably isn’t sanitary due to people soaking their bodies in it, however it really does smell like wine, coffee, sake and tea.

Plus I also saw signs saying “Do Not Drink”, so maybe it isn’t drinkable? πŸ˜…


The Wine Area

The Wine Area



Japanese Sake


Green Tea

Green Tea

Looks A Little Scary…

I think this one is Something like Ice tea sponsored by the company of Kirin. I’m not so sure πŸ˜₯


Coffee!!!! 😍

Over all I had such a great time in the resort especially soaking myself in the wine and coffee spa, I actually felt like a goddess or princess.πŸ‘‘ (It’s not everyday you get to do something like this. Hihi!)

Definitely you guys should try this one out when you are in Tokyo and would want to visit Hakone.