The Little Prince Museum 👑

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When you are in Hakone don’t miss The Little Prince Museum tourist attraction, the place is so charming and peaceful that it gives you the feeling that you are actually somewhere in the outskirts of Paris taking a lovely stroll around a quiet small town.

They even have a restaurant that serves french styled appetizing meals with adorable Little Prince designs and of course a Paris themed museum wouldn’t be complete without a laid back cafe that serves coffee & sweets. ☕

After all that exploring, you can get up close and personal with the authors life story showcased in the museum which I have to say is very inspiring and do a little shopping in their souvenir shop.💕

I was so intrigued by this beautiful place when I found out that this museum is available in Hakone because I know The Little Prince is a very very popular book and I remember reading it back in high school but barely understood the depth of the messages the author Antoine de Saint- Exupery was trying to tell, So I might just read this again sometime in the future. 😄

Anyway to summarized this inspirational novel, the story is about a pilot who crashed his plane in a desert and met the prince who came from another planet, who loves an ill-tempered & vain flower.

From here on they became very good friends and the prince shares his life story and experiences to the pilot and the pilot does the same.

The little prince wants to return home to his beloved flower but to do this, he needs to get bitten by a poisonous snake which happened and then the book ends six years after the narrator met the prince and wants us to keep looking for the prince and asks us to inform him if we ever spot the little guy.

Ok, so the way I summarized the story does not justify the book but please do read it if you are interested and have the time.😃 I’m sure you will learn a lot of things from it.

Panorama View Of The Town

As you can see the details of the building is exquisitely made and very pleasing to the eyes. It has that gorgeous french touch that made me remember the time I visited Paris. ❤

Character Statutes Popping out of bushes.😂

Character Statues Popping out of the bushes.😂

Why does this chapel look a little creepy?😅

this chapel looks a little creepy.😅 kind of like something you see in a horror film.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

The Most Beautiful Things In The World Cannot Be Seen Or Touched, They Are Felt With The Heart. – The Little Prince

The time I went to the museum was christmas season, so the place had some magical presentation whipped up. 🎄 It was truly a memorable visit and I hope you guys get to experience this too when you visit Hakone. 💕