Hakone Open-Air Museum (Part 2)

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Jelly Goes Sightseeing
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I hope everyone read and enjoyed the first blog write up about the open air museum, I tried to make it as interesting as possible with not so much information to share so I wouldn’t spoil anything when you visit the place for yourself.

In this blog entry I will write about my top 3 favorite artworks inside the museum and I am so excited to share it with you all because most of the art pieces were on my bucket list and I never expected to see it in person, in fact I forgot all about them until my sister told me where exactly they were located. 😝

My top 3 ranked from lowest to the one that placed the biggest smile on my face.πŸ’—

The Maze

Ok, so that’s a really crappy photo of the maze but that’s the best I can do!πŸ˜… It was really bright and sunny when I took this and I couldn’t find a good angle but maybe you can google cooler photos on this one, plus the plants wouldn’t have died if they took their photos during summer. ✌

This place totally reminded me of the movie maze runner.

This place totally reminded me of the movie maze runner.

The maze was really cool because it is perfectly big enough to make you lose your way as you get inside but not completely make you go crazy and scared when you can’t find the exit (I kinda almost panicked when I couldn’t find my way).πŸ˜…

I guess a fun thing to do here is when you and your friends or family members do a contest like the first one to exit the maze in the shortest time wins or hide & seek.

So much kids playing in the maze.

So much kids playing in the maze.

The next artwork which ranked 2nd on my list is the Hand Knitted Playground or Woods of Net by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. This amazing colorful playground was hand made by herself which explains the title of the artwork and I can’t imagine the patience and concentration she went through just to finish the entire thing.

Even knitting a sweater for a baby can get quite exhausting but she took this to a whole new level.Β  Five stars for her achievement!! πŸ˜ƒ Do check out more details about this online, it is a magnificent piece of work that should be praised and it has a great story of how it came to be.


Last but not the least is the one that stole my heart and put the biggest smile on my face. This was what I was looking forward to when my sister told me I can find it in this museum.

Symphonic Sculpture

So I was walking around, took photos left and right till I saw this mysterious tower and was drawn to it and then it hit me! This was what I was looking for, the stained glass staircase. ❀ Of course it was housed somewhere,Β  staircase don’t magically just appear as a staircase (all I ever thought about was look for stairs, look for stairs) Stupid me!πŸ˜‚ This would explains why I was having a hard time looking for it and almost missed this because I thought the tower from a far was just nothing.

As you go inside the tower it feels a little cramp and if there are a lot of people inside then it might take a while to go up and down the stairs but there is no need to rush since there are plenty of images to see around the walls. 😍

At first I was so blinded by the colored glasses and abstract images that I didn’t notice that some of them had specific drawings in it. Thank goodness I heard a kid say to his mom, “did you see that” and pointed at it.

So I circulated the tower 2 times to thoroughly look at everything but I highly doubt I saw all of the images available.

I think this one is a knight with his horse.

I think this one is a knight with his horse.

The tower is just so beautiful that you can see everyone struggling to get a good photo of the entire place. Cameras tilting left and right and people positioning themselves in weird angles, it was kinda funny and I am guilty of that as well. πŸ˜‚ ( Disclaimer: The Feature Image which is the photo of the whole staircase in this blog write up is not mine but from Pinterest.)

I don’t really do selfies but for this I just had to. πŸ˜†

2 years ago I just randomly saw this staircase at Pinterest and was wishing to see it in person and now it finally came true. ❀ One of the best feelings in the world is when things happen unexpectedly!! (Bucket List βœ”)