Hakone Glass no Mori

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The Venetian Glass Museum located at Sengokuhara, Hakone is a gallery that houses over 100 pieces of classical works of Venetian glassware from the 15th-18th century and features present day ones as well.

Not only does the museum give you the Italian styled appearance of its shops & buildings but it has a large garden surrounded by a huge pond which just completes your day feeling like you are strolling about in a mid century era or a fantasy glass forest ( the place gave me magical vibes). πŸ˜†

The Garden

The Garden (half of the garden)✌

From the gate entrance of the museum you will be greeted with a lot of shining, shimmering and splendid crystal trees reflected by the sunlight’s brilliant rays.πŸ˜† (This will be hard to miss. They just shine bright like a diamondπŸ’Ž to call your attention)

As you go deep inside the museum you will be greeted with more shining crystals! The scene of the place is so alluring and ravishing!

Inside the Bridge

Inside the Bridge

Aside from all the beautiful displays of glassware both inside & outside of the museum, they have shops & cafes were you can just relax, eat delicious food and contemplate on how amazing this all is.😝

Caffe Terrazza would be a perfect choice to have lunch or dinner in because they offer Italian cuisines and has an open terrace viewing the amazing garden and they offer live Italian performers while you dine. How romantic can this get?!❀

These round glass artworks are inspired by Onions. πŸ˜‚

These round glass artworks are Onions. πŸ˜‚

This part of the museum facing the forests and mountain has a serene river below it and displays a very charming food stall wagon that serves delicious warm soup on a cold day.

ACERO a cottage now decorated with christmas decorations is a small shop that sells jams, chocolates & perfume bottles.

Santa caught on camera

Santa caught on camera

There are still a lot more to see and do inside the museum, so do check the place out when you are in Hakone. A very interesting & beautiful place to be. ☺