Why You Should Visit Hakone 🗻

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Before I start sharing to you all my adventures in Hakone, I just want to make a separate blog about why you should definitely have a vacation in this place because the moment I stepped out of the train and saw the town, It was so beautiful and it gave me the feeling of peace and serenity. 😌

If you want to escape the busy life of Tokyo but not travel so far away and just be in a area where you can unwind and meditate  surrounded by the whispers of nature then Hakone is the place to be. Offering world class art museums, tranquil hot springs which they are so popular for, traditional inns located in areas where scenery of mountains melts your heart and to top it off Mount Fuji is visible in just a few distances away.

Things to do & see around Hakone

  1. Onsens & Hot Springs – This is what Hakone is known for, so this can not be a miss! It isn’t hard to find one in the area since more than a dozen springs provide hot spring water to the ryokans & bath houses.

2. Go Hiking – I think a vacation without hiking around Hakone is a sad vacation. This is the time where you get disconnected with wifi and get connected with nature.🌾 There are so many places to go hiking or just walking around whether it be in temples, forest or just at  the side of the roads (So much things to see & you can definitely take lots of good photos).

check this website out for more details: www.hakone.or.jp/english/index.html

3.  Visit museums – so many rich and breathtaking sculptures, painting & etc displayed around Hakone. You would be surprised to see so many unique creations that wouldn’t have crossed your mind.

Hakone Open AIr Museum

Hakone Open AIr Museum

4.  Parks – enjoy trees, flowers and beautiful views.

Gora Park

Gora Park

5. Take a boat trip like a pirate around Lake Ashi.

6. Take a cable car – If you are lucky, you will be able to see Mount Fuji & see Owakudani an area created during the last eruption of Mount Hakone 3000 years ago.

Owakudani (Death Valley)

I wasn’t able to do all of them due to the limited days I stayed in Hakone and the fact that I took my sweet time in each and every tourist spots I visited but so many people who have visited this town fell in love with it, so check this place out and get connected with nature and yourself. 😉

Disclaimer: All the photos in this post are not mine and was taken in Pinterest.