Uncle Panda Restaurant 🐼

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Oji Panda

The one thing that I am so obsessed with in Japan is their themed restaurants and cafes, the cuteness just drives me crazy and makes me want to eat everything they have on the menu.  All the weight I gained ever since I came to Japan is caused by them and I cant seem to control myself! Haha!!😂

Couple of weeks ago I decided to do food hopping and there was a certain restaurant that I was looking for in Harajuku but I stumbled on this one and thank goodness I did because this place just screams PANDA CUTENESS all over it! 😭 Even my sister who decided to go on a diet just gave up and ate along side with me (the cuteness made her do it).

Panda Wonderland

As you enter the place it is fully decorated with panda characters and Oji himself plus a omelet character which I haven’t figured out who this is or is it just a representation of the meals they are serving.

The Omelet Character 🍳

The Omelet Character 🍳

Free Spoon 💕

I didn’t realized that they had a christmas promo where you order in their christmas menu and they give you a free spoon.  YEY!😆

Christmas themed meals

Christmas themed meals

Regular Menu

Drink: iced café au lait (check out the Oreo ears)

This one is on the regular menu, so it is available all year round.

Do you have the heart to eat me?

The food tasted pretty normal like nothing amazing to write about other than how it looks but the servings are huge compared to most themed restaurants I’ve eaten. However I do recommend you coming here for its cuteness, this place is located in Harajuku Solado Mall.