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The History Of Instant Noodles

Ever wonder how instant noodles got invented?

I mean sometimes our day can get so busy that it’s difficult to whip up a meal in just a few minute and based on my experience my time here in Japan moves so fast with all the studying, working and exploring that I forget that it is time to eat already.😢

So.. As you may have already figured, cup noodles is my savior 😝✌ and  a few months ago I wanted to educate myself on how instant noodles came to be which lead me to visit the cup noodles museum in Yokohama, Tokyo.

It was pretty fun, it is not the typical boring kind of museum where you just walk around and check out different photos in different parts of the area. In here is interactive where you can play, cook, eat, see,touch and get creative as you make your own cup noodle (This was the part where my artistic side was challenged). 😥

Instant Noodles History Cube

In this attraction you will see the timeline of every single instant noodle ever created, starting  from 1958 up to the present.

Chicken Ramen the very first instant ramen noodles created by Momofuku Ando,

Chicken Ramen the very first instant ramen noodles created by Momofuku Ando (founder of the Japanesefood company nissin).

1971 the instant ramen packaged in a foam cup was introduced.

Momofuku’s Work Shed

This exhibition is a recreation of the work shed where Chicken Ramen was invented. The message of this is that it is possible to create world changing inventions with just ordinary tools as long as there is an idea.

Creative Thinking Box

Creative Thinking Box


My most favorite attraction❤ customizing my own cupnoodle package and selecting varieties of soup flavor and toppings.

There are more attractions in the museum that I didn’t cover in the blog especially the life story of the instant noodle creator which is so inspiring, and so you have a lot to look forward to when you visited this place. 😀




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