Craft In A TeaC☕p

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Jelly Eats
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Lost in the streets of Harajuku certainly has its perks, while me & my sister was searching for a certain boutique in the area, we passed by a coffee shop sign that caught our attention and thank goodness we decided to check the place out. 👏

Upon entering the cafe me and my sister completely fell in love with the place, it had a artistic yet vintage aura and it seemed like the venue is rarely crowded, so we found a coffee shop where we can hang around and do our work peacefully.

What’s so amazing about this cafe is that it specializes in latte art and from what I hear from people this is an expensive kind of thing and I wouldn’t say the service here for a cup of coffee with a drawing isn’t pricey but for whatever design you want for your latte, the price is still the same (big or small, hard or easy). Plus the coffee tastes great!😊

Mikasa Latte Art By Mr. George

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Lion Latte Art By Mr. George ( It took him 5 years to make this perfect) 😱

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3D Latte Art By: Kohei Matsuno

This was the first time me & my sister drank coffee with such cuteness! Thank you so much Reissue Cafe for giving us such joy! 💕