Alcatraz ER Restaurant 💉

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If you have the stomach to eat freaky absurd meals then I dare you to try Alcatraz ER, one of the first themed restaurants to open in Tokyo, Japan.

This is definitely one disturbing experience and not only does is have a prison hospital atmosphere, the staff treats you like convicts by putting handcuffs on you as if your an insane patient ready to attack someone then put you inside your prison cell where the weirdness begins.

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Happy prisoners!! Our faces before realizing what we got ourselves into.

Happy prisoners!! (Our faces before realizing what we got ourselves into.)

The menu includes human intestine dishes such as brains, livers, vaginas, penis made of obviously edible ingredients. (heww..) Drinks were kinky cocktails served with vibrators or different flavor juices placed inside injections, baby bottles or test tube containers.

Vegetarian Brain Sandwich

Sh** just got real 😭

Over all the taste of the food is not that great but they really made the presentation as real as possible and I would give it an 8.5/10 because once you start chewing the food while looking at it… It would probably make you gag. Even the sensation and texture leaves a realistic impression and I’ve never tried a human brain before. Yuck!


Liver Omelet. 😱 It really tastes like omelet but once you put this in your mouth and feel the soggy texture and seeing the red bloody omelet oozing out in front of you then… 💀

One thing you should keep in mind is that a lot of bizarre things goes on inside this place especially the staff performing weird things on you or something, so just stay calm and remember that this is just all acting.

The nurse just suddenly forced my mom to drink her guava juice in a bottle, like literally out of no where just placed the bottle on her mouth.😂

She gave us one of these each and said “Drink Your Medicine”. 💊 We were literally laughing because this all felt so real.

I would have to say the prices of the meals are a bit pricey but then again you are paying for the experience and without doubt getting what you paid for. Hope you guys have balls to try something like this! 👍

Located at Harvest Building 2nd floor 2-13-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku.





My sister got so scared that she would rather hold her pee than use the toilet. 😆


With the lovely Staff.